Program Educational Objectives (PEO)
PEO 1 Have a successful career in mechanical engineering and allied fields.
PEO 2 Have expertise in the areas of design, thermal, materials, manufacturing and industrial engineering.
PEO 3 Contribute towards technological development through academic research and industrial practices.
PEO 4 Practicing their profession with good communication, leadership, ethics and social responsibility.
PEO 5 Adapt the evolving technologies through lifelong learning.



Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)
PSO 1 Ability to design, analyze and evaluate mechanical components.
PSO 2  Ability to design and evaluate the performance of thermal systems and turbo machineries.
PSO 3 Ability to plan, design and execute processes to manufacture various components and systems with quality assurance.
PSO 4 Ability to apply modern management techniques with a concern for environment upholding ethical values.