SXCCE Alumni Association


The St.Xavier’s Alumni Association is a government registered  trust within the college under council for bringing together alumni of the institution, heartening and coordinating their support for the institution. It serves as the center for alumni relations and activities on behalf of the college. SXCCE Alumni Association is governed by, St.Xavier’s Alumni Association Trust (SXAAT) Government Registration No. BK4 72/2017. It is founded by Rev. Fr. K. Amirtha Raj, the former Correspondent of St.Xavier’s Catholic College of Engineering.


To be a vital partner in SXCCE’s success by having an informed, engaged and active alumni community


To foster lifelong support for St.Xavier’s Catholic College of Engineering by,

  • Creating a global community of alumni, faculty and students that fosters lifelong engagement with one another and the institution.
  • Providing meaningful opportunities for advocacy and volunteerism.
  • Developing alumni contributions of volunteer and financial support.
  • Celebrating the uniqueness of the evergreen experience, to support the work of the institution now and in the future.

Aims and Objectives

The association will be a non profit making trust with the following aims and objectives.

I.To provide a forum for the old students of the college to meet and discuss the matters of common interest.

II.To promote the interest of the college and its past and present students.

III.To promote good will and mutual assistance among the members.

IV.To help the authorities to improve the academic and cultural activities of the college.

V.To help the members in employment and service matters without interfering in policies of their employees.

VI.To develop industry institute relationship for the benefit of the students of the college.

VII.To foster close relationship between the ‘SXAAT’ and the college.

VIII.To uphold the values and the traditions of the college.

IX.To organize annual and periodical lectures / seminars / symposia etc. centred around themes that deepen the understanding and appreciation of the values enshrined in the vision, mission and quality of the college, to the members of the trust.

X.To provide academic and professional interaction and networking among ’SXAAT’ alumni and endeavour to create career opportunity for the college students community.

XI.To organize socio cultural events and interactions between alumni and its family members.

XII.To honour distinguished alumni of ‘SXAAT’, who have excelled and contributed in their respective domains.

XIII.To provide opportunities for community service and to act as good will ambassadors of the college with in India and abroad.

XIV.To strengthen the ties between alumni and the college and society.

XV.To give financial assistance to the poor students, who cannot prosecute their further studies for want of money.

XVI.To contribute residences, apartments and quarters within the premises of the college for the benefit of the staff of the college.

XVII.To contribute to the development of infrastructures, research facilities and other needed facilities and conveniences for the benefit of the students of the college.


Advocacy - We are leaders in advancing the quality and stature of SXCCE.

Diversity - We value and engage diverse institutional constituents.

Excellence - We commit to the highest quality in all our endeavour’s.

Innovation - We are entrepreneurial and actively identify and create new opportunities.

Service - We serve for the excellence in education.

Guiding Principles

  • We serve and engage all alumni so that the SXCCE Alumni Association and the institution will benefit from the diverse interests, talents and backgrounds found within the SXCCE family.
  • WE nurture and cherish the special bonds that connect the SXCCE family to each other and to the society.
  • We preserve the rich history of SXCCE by celebrating our traditions and build upon the accomplishments of our alumni and the institution.
  • We strive for excellence in all we do. We will actively solicit feedback and utilize resources to continuously, creatively and efficiently improve our performance.

Goals & Practices

  • To increase the alumni volunteer base.
  • To increase alumni participation and involvement in institutional activities.
  • To increase alumni participation in fund raising activities.
  • To promote pride, tradition and loyalty among both current students and former students.
  • To establish a climate of openness, mutual respect and team work.