About Us

The software cell consists of a panel of intellectual engineers and academicians who are highly professionals from the Department of CSE & IT and can offer best software solutions to any kind of software need in a certain manner. It also provides consultancy service for other firms regarding purchase, installation and maintenance of software products, networking elements and hardware essentials.

The Software Cell regularly conducts value-added certified courses like MCP, MCSE, CCNA, Oracle, Java, DotNet, Cloud, PHP, Android, AWS, AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, Fusion 360 etc. and organises Workshops on computer hardware. Also it conducts training programs for students on project and research works based upon their area of interest. It also extends its service to train the public, school teachers and college faculties in latest area of Information Technologies.

Apart from maintaining more than 1000 systems and 5 servers which are connected through Campus Networking, it also maintains the College Automation System and College website (sxcce.edu.in). It also manages the campus Wi-Fi facility which is equipped with 510 Mbps 1:1 dedicated Internet connectivity.


    To make our students a global leader in Software development.
    To become the global pioneer in the field of IT related consultancy.


    To train the students regularly in cutting edge technologies.
    To aid the faculty and staff to prepare themselves on par with the latest technologies.
    To uplift the society in digital world.


Provide basic training on fundamentals for second-year students.
Provide advance training on popular Softwares and International certification for third-year students.
Provide training on latest technologies and International certification for year students.
Provide IT infrastructure support for our campus.
Provide IT support for diocese.
Provide IT training for public.


Students become globally competent IT professionals.



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