Equipping our students with all necessary skills and assisting them to begin a successful career.


To provide effective training to enhance our student’s technical, problem solving and inter-personal skills and to provide them 100% placement through dedication, enthusiasm, commitment and complete involvement.


To augment employable skills, life skills, professional skills of our students and to mold them readily employable.

To contact potential companies and to develop industry-institute relationships.

To get the first job for the students in the prospective IT and Core companies.


To provide comprehensive personal life planning for our student’s during their first year of study.

To make our students understand their personality, find out their strengths and to reinforce their strengths through continuous training.

To continuously provide life skills, soft skills training for our students to improve their communication skills, interpersonal skills and emotional balance.

To provide aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal ability training continuously and to monitor the progress of our students systematically.

To provide company specific training (both aptitude and technical) for our students which are specific to particular companies, which they appear for interviews.

To approach top multi-national, small & medium companies, and inviting them to provide seminars, workshops on both technical and HR domains for our students.

To organize industrial visits in-plant training and internships.

To contact top multi-national, small & medium companies for campus recruitment.

To give guidance about the opportunities for higher studies both inland & abroad for our students and motivating them in exploring possible avenues for higher studies and jobs.