Scholarships are awarded by the Government and other organizations to the students of desired ability and eligibility.

Adi-Dravidar Welfare Scholarship

Students belonging to scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other converted eligible communities of Tamil Nadu, whose pecuniary circumstances are certified to be such as to prevent them from prosecuting their studies without the assistance of scholarships are granted scholarships by the Adi-Dravidar and Welfare Department.

Backward  Class /Most – Backward Class Scholarships

Students belonging to eligible communities of Backward and Most – Backward classes of Tamil Nadu, whose pecuniary circumstances are certified to be such as to prevent them from prosecuting their studies without the assistance of scholarships, are granted scholarship (both fee and half –fee) by the Backward Class Welfare Department.

National Scholarship

From the year 2015-2016, onwards all the 3 scholarship schemes of Minority Department i.e,prematric Scholarship,Post matric Scholarship and Merit cum meanse Based Scholarship along with other GOI Scholarship  Scheme of various other  Departments comes under one single Portal namely National Scholarship Portal ,Hence from 2015-2016 Minority students should apply for scholarship in website

State Scholarships for the Children of School Teachers

The Government of Tamil Nadu has implemented the Scholarship scheme with the main objective of providing financial assistance to enable such children to pursue the collegiate education. The Scholarships are open to the children of all working teachers.

The Tamil Nadu Educational Trust Scholarship

Scholarships are also awarded to the meritorious students by the Tamil Nadu Educational Trust.

Scholarship from the Ministry of Labour

Scholarships to the children of Beedi Workers are sanctioned by the Assistant Welfare Commissioner, Government of India, Ministry of Labour.

National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation (NHFDC)

Scholarships to the empowerment of Persons with Disabilities.

Free Seats for Poor  students from College

The college also offers 50 scholarships every year to the poor but meritorious students who are selected for admission by the vicariates. These students (4x11) will be assisted with a subsidy so as to pay the fee of FREE SEAT category during their course of study. In addition, 6 such scholarships are offered for meritorious dalit students every year.

Pragathi Scholarship

Only for the students admitted in first year of Degree Programme.(For female candidates only)

SAKSHAM Scholarship

Only for Differently abled students having more than 40% disability (For First year Degree Programmes only)

First Graduate Scholarship

From the year 2010-2011 onwards Government of Tamil Nadu has launched this scheme for students selected through counseling category only. This scheme is not applicable for management quota students.

Other Scholarships

a) Scholarship granted by the Railway Department
b) Scholarship granted by the Postal and Tele communication  Department
c) Scholarship granted by the Tamil Nadu Police Department
d) Scholarship granted by Indian Rare Earths Limited
e) Scholarship granted by Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal Department – for Rehabilitations of the Disabled
f) Scholarship granted by the Travancore Titanium Products Ltd.
g) Prime minister scholarship to the children of Ex-servicemen.