Sl.No.TypeStaff NameTitleAgencyAmountStatus
1Consultancy A. ANISHA Common Accounting System Kuzhithurai Diocese 0Ongoing
2Consultancy Dr. A. OLIVER BRIGHT Winnaturals Product Promotion in Tamil Nadu Winnaturals 0Ongoing
3Consultancy Dr. A.SUBITHA Common Accounting Software for Kuzhithurai DioceseSoftware Cell - SXCCE 300000Ongoing
4Consultancy Dr. ANNROSE J. Database for Basic Expansive Software Product , Mr. V. Thirunavukkarsu 10000Completed
5Consultancy Dr. ANNROSE J. Common Accounting Software Kulithurai Diocese 300000Completed
6Consultancy Dr. M. MARSALINE BENO Study of Solar panels and Solar Inverters St Josephs Metric Hr Sec School.,Nagercoil 0Completed
7Consultancy Dr. M. MARSALINE BENO Energy Saving Mechanism in SXCCE SXCCE Management 0Completed
8Consultancy Dr. R. EDWIN RAJ Green materials for thermal insulation Japeeva Industries 0Sanctioned
9Consultancy Dr. R. S. SHAJI Developing Websites and Advertisement Videos Jayam Marbles 5500Completed
10Consultancy Dr. R.P ANTO KUMAR Campus Networking Holy Cross College, Nagercoil 0Ongoing
11Consultancy Dr. R.P ANTO KUMAR Common Accounting System R.C Diocese of Kuzhiturai 100000Completed
12Consultancy Dr. R.P ANTO KUMAR Website designing and Maintenance Martyr Devasagayam Teacher Training Institute 15000Completed
13Consultancy Dr. R.P ANTO KUMAR intranet installation and Configuration R.C Diocese of Kottar 50000Completed
14Consultancy Dr. R.P ANTO KUMAR College Automation system St.Xaviers Catholic College of Engineering 100000Completed
15Consultancy Dr. S. ABSA Technical Support to Design and Fabricate EPRLABS 6000Sanctioned
16Consultancy Dr.S.CARMEL JAWAHAR CIVIL ENGG. WORKS 0Sanctioned
17Consultancy GEORGE ANSFER.A Energy Audit in Manalikarai Ensav club and IET 0Completed
18Consultancy JOSEPHINE USHA. L Common Accounting System for Kulithurai Diocese Kulithurai Diocese 0Completed
19Consultancy JOSEPHINE USHA. L Mess Feedback System SXCCE 0Completed
20Consultancy M. GEETHA JENIFEL Web based programming Holy cross College,Nagercoil 0Completed
21Consultancy M. GEETHA JENIFEL Common Accounting Software development Kuzhithurai Diocese 0Ongoing
22Consultancy M. GERALD ARUL SELVAN Fabrication of composite 0Completed
23Consultancy N. ANSGAR MARY Common Accounting System SXCCE 0Ongoing
24Consultancy P. ANTONY VIMAL construction of a counterfort retaining wall 0Completed
25Consultancy T.M.ANGELIN MONISHA SHAREAN Holy Cross college - Student Training program 0Completed
26Consultancy VARUN C M Common Accounting System Kuzhithurai Diocese 0Ongoing
27Consultancy VARUN C M Kuzhithurai Diocese Website Kuzhithurai Diocese 0Completed
28Consultancy Y. BALTO MoU Japeeva Engineering Pvt. Ltd 0Ongoing
29Consultancy Y. BALTO ME Project for Rohini Engineering College Student Rohini Engineering College 2000Sanctioned
30Consultancy Y. BALTO Material testing Japeeva Engineering Pvt. Ltd 0Sanctioned
31Consultancy Y. BALTO Material testing Japeeva Engineering Pvt. Ltd 0Sanctioned
32Action Research Dr. G. ANTONY MIRACULAS Biodiesel extraction from Neem seed oil Student Project 2000Completed
33Action Research Dr. G. ANTONY MIRACULAS Biodiesel extraction from Punnai seed oil Student Project 2000Completed