The Department of Information Technology offers an excellent atmosphere for students to learn and acquire the necessary skills demanded by the industry. The department has experienced faculty members who are fully committed to teaching and research and are specialized in various field of Information Technology. The students have access to well equipped, state-of-the-art laboratories with superb Internet facilities. A wide range of research activities undertaken in the department allow the students to gain contemporary knowledge about real-life problems in the industry. Professional activities like Symposium, Paper Presentation, Technical seminars are organized at regular intervals. Most of the students of our department are the members of technical bodies like IEEE, ISTE, CSI etc.. Under the guidance of these faculty members the students are not only given a good exposure both in theory and practical but also a better way about How a human to be in our society. This department also offers various value added training programs and international certification courses. The department has brought out outstanding engineers in the past and will continue in doing so in the years to come.