Innovative Teaching Methods

  1. Lecture Method and Interactive Learning
  • Audio visual aids, chalk and board are used by the faculty for teaching.
  • Students are encouraged to clarify their doubts, during the lecture hour itself.
  • During the lecture hour first 5 minutes are used for revising topics taught in the previous class and the last 5 minutes is used to give summary of the current class. Hence the students will get a continuity of the previous day topics.
  1. Hi-tech class room
  • All class rooms are equipped with projector facility.
  • All laboratories and class rooms have Wi-fi access.
  1. Other Innovative Teaching methods adopted by the faculty
  • Online courses – To add more value to their course, students have to complete one Online courses over NPTEL/Swayam or ICTACT Academy related to their area of specialization.
  • College automation software - Each student is provided with a personal login wherein they can download Course Material, Syllabus, Question bank, Assignment topics, Short videos, NPTEL video links.
  1. Application Based Learning
  • Students are encouraged to attend workshops from 2nd year onwards such as Android, Web development,etc. As an outcome of the workshop, interested students will develop Projects/ mini Projects at the end of the workshop.
  • All third year students are encouraged to do mini projects and are asked submit the same before the commencement of exams.
  • Students are encouraged for internship/ In-plant training in industry during vacations.
  • Students are taken to industrial visit at least once in a year to see the real time operation.