An association of cultural- empowerment,unity and equality,towards developing a technically and linguistically tolerant community.


  • To develop positive attitudes among malayalam students towards Malayalam Literature and nurture in them love and appreciation of the hoary cultural traditions originated and deep rooted in Kerala.

  • To make them to mingle and integrate in the multicultural atmosphere of the college and shape them mentally and technically fit to empower humane society.


  • To join hands with all sort of people and to move along with them to serve local and global society with ethical integrity,

  • To inculcate in the students not only a deep devotion to their language Malayalam, but also to learn new languages and an attitude of respect and be familiar with other cultures.

  • To develop attachment to and, love for the traditional positive values in the culture of Kerala.

  • To provide opportunities to develop and showcase their talents in art, music, dance and literature.


  • To stimulate and make the students cooperate and work together with other students in order to maintain a healthy relationship inside campus and to teach them team spirit.

  • To motivate students to explore their talents in their mother tongue.

  • To instill in students a strong and healthy desire to celebrate traditional festivals of Kerala

  • To develop in them skills for managing events.