Data Science


R is data analysis software: Data scientists, statisticians, and analysts anyone who needs to make sense of data, really can use R for statistical analysis, data visualization, and predictive modeling.

We cordially invite you all to participate in the One Week Online Workshop on Data Science Using R


Day 01
Overview, Features, Installation,
R - Basics, Variables, Data Types, Operators

Day 02
Names, Missing Values,
Control structures, Functions, string

Day 03
Subsetting R Objects, File Connection
R - Charts / Graphs

Day 04
Introduction to Machine Learning,
Supervised Learning, Implementation of
Classification and Regression Algorithms

Day 05
Unsupervised Learning for Data Science,
Cluster Analysis, Association Analysis,
Dimension Reduction

Day 06
Socail Media Analytics
Feedback & Assessment

Resource Persons

Er. A. Bamila Virgin Louis
Assistant Professor, Department of CSE

Er. M. Geetha Jenifel
Assistant Professor, Department of IT

Er. Suja A. Alex
Assistant Professor, Department of IT

Er. C.M. Varun
Assistant Professor, Department of IT


Dr. R.P. Anto Kumar
Head, Department of CSE

Dr. J. Annrose
Head, Department of IT

Event Coordinators

Er. C.M. Varun
Assistant Professor, Dept. of IT
+91 770 888 5541

Er. J. Bright Jose
Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE
+91 979 170 0933

Er. M. Antony Joans Kumar
System Administrator, SXCCE
+91 944 292 3262

Recorded Sessions

Day 01

Day 02

Day 03

Day 04

Day 05

Day 06

Expected Participants

Faculty Members
Research Scholars
Skilled Assistance
PG Students
UG Students.

Important Note

* Only limited seats
* Hands on Workshop
* Registration based on FCFS basis
* E-Certificate will be provided to the participants