Adri Jovin
2005 to 2009 Batch Student - College life plays a most significant part in the life of people since it implant memories that last for a life-time. My experience was also an exciting one like that of most other people at St. Xavier’s, with an enormous raise in my learning curve. The facilities available at SXCCE inculcates a culture of continuous learning, which is in fact a keen requirement for a successful career. The faculty members are knowledgeable, easily approachable, and friendly. They always find an everlasting imprint in the heart for anyone who is a student in SXCCE. They helped me unleash the true potential in me, whatever it may be in terms of technology or fine arts. They had also shaped my leadership qualities by involving me with activities related to website, newsletter and professional associations, taking me beyond the boundaries of the semester syllabus. More importantly, they give the appropriate recognition and nourishment for any budding talent which one possess. It is because of them, I could lead and face the challenges in the Industry, academia and research, today.