Tamil Mantram


  • To encourage the students to develop their language skills. So that they may become creative and excellent writers.
  • To encourage the students to bring in positive best drastic changes in social economical, literary and political fields.
  • To make constant effort to keep our mother tongue Tamil in its highest glory.

Planned Programmes

  1. Conducting literary seminars to develop student’s creativity in writing Stories, Poems, Essay and News items.
  2. Providing trainings to promote the arts and culture of TamilNadu.
  3. Organizing Inter_Collegiate literary arts and Culture competitions.
  4. Taking all steps to celebrate “Ulavar Thinam”in a grant manner.
  5. As a long time vision, effort is made to release journals to develop our Student’s creativity.
  6. Steps would be taken to the up with Socio_cultural literary Organizations for the betterment of the Students.