One Week Workshop on Image Processing using MATLAB empowers students and researchers with computational possibilities of MATLAB, using simple functions and implementation of Image Algorithms. The language, tools and built-in math functions provide to explore multiple approaches and reaches to solution faster than with traditional programming languages.


Day 1

Introduction to Image Processing

  • Why Computer Vision Matters
  • Various Images In The World
  • How To Build An Image
  • Various Image Processing Operations
  • Images - Types


Introduction to Matlab

  • What Is MATLAB
  • The Dominance Of MATLAB Over Other Languages
  • Power Of Matrix Computations
  • The Application Of MATLAB In Various Fields Of Engineering
  • MATLAB Environment
  • Matrix Operation
  • Image Arithmetic


Day 2

Gray Level Transformations

  • Image Negatives
  • Log Transformations
  • Power-Law Transformations
  • Gray Level Slicing
  • Bit Plane Slicing


Image Enhancement

  • Histogram Equalisation
  • Histogram Matching
  • Contrast Stretching
  • Noise Removal Using Spatial Domain Filtering
  • Noise Removal Using Frequency Domain Filtering


Day 3

Image Segmentation

  • Point Detection
  • Line Detection
  • Edge Detection
  • Thresholding
  • Adaptive Thresholding
  • Connected Component Analysis


Morphological Image Processing

  • Dilation
  • Erosion
  • Opening
  • Closing
  • Boundary Detection
  • Watershed Transform
  • Marker-Controlled Watershed Segmentation


Day 4

Content Based Image Retrieval

  • Color Image Processing
  • Color Feature Extraction
  • Texture Feature Extraction
  • Shape Feature Extraction
  • Data Base Creation Using Excel
  • Distance Measurement
  • Image Retrieval


Day 5

Image Classification

  • Neural Network Introduction
  • Training
  • Classification


Day 6

Image Compression

  • Loss Less Compression
  • Lossy Compression



Recorded Sessions

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Day 06

Resource Persons

Dr. C. Seldev Christopher
Professor, Department of CSE
St. Xavier's Catholic College of Engineering, Nagercoil

Dr. J. Annrose
Head, Department of IT
St. Xavier's Catholic College of Engineering, Nagercoil

Dr. R.P. Anto Kumar
Head, Department of CSE
St. Xavier's Catholic College of Engineering, Nagercoil

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