The department consists of dedicated, qualified and experienced faculty and supporting staff in various fields of Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Operations and Systems. All the staff members meet the requirements as prescribed by AICTE and Anna University. Various pedagogical activities have been followed by the faculty for the student in-order to create interest over the subjects and the developing managerial skills.

The following are the various teaching methodologies used in different aspects for the delivery of course:

  1. i) Lecture Method and Interactive Learning:
  • Audio visual aids, chalk and board are used by the faculty for teaching.
  • Students are encouraged to clarify their doubts, during the lecture hour itself.
  • During the lecture hour first 5 minutes are used for revising topics taught in the previous class and the last 5 minutes is used to give summary of the current class. Hence the students will get a continuity of the previous day topics.


  1. ii) Application Based Learning:
  • All the subjects are equipped with enough case studies in order to relate the theories with its practical implication.
  • Students are encouraged to attend workshops, seminars and conferences. Students are guided to present papers in their interested areas.
  • As per curriculum at the end of I year, students undertake an organizational study. This helps them to learn and develop their managerial skills.
  • Students are taken to industrial visit once in a semester to see the real time operation and functioning.


iii) Practical Learning:

  • Students undertake project work in their area of specialization. With the perspective of research, the work is guided by the faculties. Most of the project works are converted as research articles and published in reputed journals.
  • Sixteen weeks of project work in organizations equips students with the skill sets of real time role and responsibilities of a manager.


  1. iv) Hi-tech class room:
  • All class rooms are equipped with projector facility.
  • All laboratories and class rooms have Wi-fi access.


  1. v) Other Innovative Teaching methods adopted by the faculty
  • Online courses – To add more value to their course, students have to complete one Online courses over NPTEL/Swayam related to their area of specialization.
  • College automation software - Each student is provided with a personal login wherein they can download Course Material, Syllabus, Question bank, Assignment topics, Short videos, NPTEL video links.