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For the year 2020

Authors Title Journal, Publisher, ISSN Indexing
S M Swamy, M.Marsaline Beno Predicting Solar Power Potential via Refurbished ANN in Associated with Artificial Fish Swarm Optimization (AFSO) International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 2005-4238, Vol. 29, No. 5 Scopus
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S.S.Selva Pradeep, M. Marsaline Beno ANFIS Based Hybrid Sensorless Speed Control Technique for BLDC Motor Solid State Technology, Volume: 63 Issue: 5, Publication Year: 2020 Scopus
Jain B Marshel, C.K Babulal Market power analysis in power systems using PSO based must run indices International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems, Wiley, DOI: 10.1002/2050-7038.12675 Scopus

For the year 2019

Authors Title Journal, Publisher, ISSN Indexing
S. M. Swamy, M.Marsaline Beno Effective utilization of cascade H-bridge multilevel inverter integrate social spider optimization for reduced total harmonics distortion International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management, Inderscience, 17415195, 13682, Vol.33, Nos.1 Scopus
C. R. Edwin Selva Rex, M.Marsaline Beno Optimal Power Flow-Based Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch Problems Using Hybrid PSGWO Algorithm Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers, World Scientific, 10.1142/ S0218126619501548 WOS
Femila L, M.Marsaline Beno Optimizing Transmission Power and Energy Efficient Routing Protocol in MANETs Wireless Personal Communications, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC WOS
C. R. Edwin Selva Rex, M.Marsaline Beno, J. Ann Rose A Solution for Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch Problem using Hybrid Optimization Techniques Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology, Springer, Nature Switzerland, 1975-0102, Vol1, pp 1-10 WOS
C.R.Edwin Selva Rex, M.Marsaline Beno An efficient hybrid method for combined economic and emission dispatch problem using genetic and whale optimization algorithm Journal of Electrical Engineering, University of Politechnia Romania,1582-4591 Google Scholar
L.Femila, M.Marsaline Beno Throughput Enrichment and Drooping Off Power Ingestion in Ad Hoc Networks by EE-MAC Protocol Wireless Personal Communications, Springer,106,4 WOS
C.R.Edwin Selva Rex, J.AnnRose, S.Shiny Hybrid MFGWO Based Optimal Solution for Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch Problem in Power System Carribean journal of Science, 53 Scopus

For the year 2018

Authors Title Journal, Publisher, ISSN Indexing
Subotha S P, Marsaline Beno M Energy Efficient Modified Cuckoo Search Resource Allocation for Video Streaming Using Structure Sensor Sensor Letters, American Scientific Publishers, 16,7,pp561-572 Scopus
M.Marsaline Beno, Alwin.S Analysis of Active Power Filter For Harmonic Voltage Resonance Suppression in Distribution System Jour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control System, ISSN 1943-023X, Vol 10, Iss. 2 Google Scholar
S.V. Kayalvizhi, V. Suresh, S.Joseph Jawhar A novel drive with bi directional switch modules for the BLDC motor with resonant AC link powered by photovoltaic source with battery storage Journal of Electrical Engineering, 1582-4594.18; 1-13 Google Scholar
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A. Sagai Francis Britto, R. Edwin Raj, M. Carolin Mabel Prediction and optimization of mechanical strength of diffusion bonds using integrated ANN-GA approach with process variables and metallographic characteristics Journal of Manufacturing Processes, Elsevier Publications, 1526-6125 WOS
S. R. Selva Jeevitha, M. Carolin Mabel Analysis of Multi-Disturbance Power Signals on Compression: A Wavelet Based Approach Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, ASP, 1546-1955 Scopus

For the year 2017

Authors Title Journal, Publisher, ISSN Indexing
A. Sagai Francis Britto, R. Edwin Raj, M. Carolin Mabel Prediction of shear and tensile strength of the diffusion bonded AA5083 and AA7075 aluminium alloy using ANN Materials Science and Engineering: A, Elsevier Publications, Vol. 692, April 2017, pp. 1-8 WOS, Scopus, GS
M. John Bosco, M. Carolin Mabel A novel cross diagonal view configuration of a PV system under partial shading condition 2017, Solar Energy, Elsevier, Vol-158, 760-773 Scopus, WOS, GS
Bindu, M. Carolin Mabel, C. Bharatiraja A real-time energy management approach and its power converter for PV powered plug-in electric vehicles Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol. 17, 2017  SC, GS
D. Jeraldin Auxillia Parallel Tuning Of Fuzzy Tracking Controller For Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle Using Genetic Algorithm Indian Journal of GeoMarine Sciences, NISCAIR, 2017, Vol- 4, 11-2228-2240 WOS, Scopus, GS
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M.R. Arun, S.Selva Kumar Improvement of security in IoT sensor network to overcome harmful intruder by optimizing the existing techniques International Journal of Sensors and Sensor Networks, 2017, Vol-5, 70-75.

For the year 2016

Authors Title Journal, Publisher, ISSN Indexing
R. Rajesh, M. Carolin Mabel Design and real time implementation of a novel rule compressed fuzzy logic method for the determination operating point in a photo voltaic system Energy, Elsevier Publications, Vol. 116, 2016, pp. 140-153 WOS, Scopus, GS
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For the year 2015

Authors Title Journal, Publisher, ISSN Indexing
R.Rajesh, M. Carolin Mabel A Comprehensive Review of Photovoltaic Systems Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Elsevier Publications, Vol. 51, Nov. 2015, pp. 231-248 WOS, Scopus, GS
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