Day 01
Introduction, Introduction to Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking, Why Cyber Security, Future in Cyber Security, Types of Hackers, Malware Family, Ransomware Attacks

Day 02
Social Engineering, What is Social Engineering, Types of Social Engineering Attacks, Phishing, Types of Phishing, IDN homograph Attack, Gmail Demonstration, Advance phishing with domain spoofing

Day 03
Password Cracking, What is password Cracking, What is bruteforce, How to Bruteforce Password

Day 04
Cryptography and Steganography, What is Cryptography, Hashing, Encoding , Encryption, What is Steganography, Demonstration

Day 05
Future Scope, What is Future in Cyber Security, What is Bug Bounties, How can you start with Bug Bounties

Day 06
IT Act 2000, Cyber Laws and Crimes, Case Studies, Online Assessment

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Day 01

Day 02

Day 03

Day 04

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Mr. Rohit Gautam
Cyber Security Consultant,
Public Speaker, Entrepreneur


Ms. Shifa Cyclewala
Software Development Trainer,
Public Speaker, Entrepreneur


Mr. Jerry Nissan
Sr. Cyber Security Consultant,
ProgIST Solutions, Mumbai

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Head, Dept. of Information Technology
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