“The Constitution does not just protect those whose views we share; it also protects those with whose views we disagree.”


The Club strives at creating opportunity and in-depth understanding of the nuances of the Constitution. It also aims at creating a platform where students can know more about the constitutional Laws.


To create a platform for discussion about the constitutional ideas to the students. Also provide awareness regarding the changes brought to the Constitutions across the World and make a comparative study. Seeks to assist students by increasing their knowledge of law and necessary skills through this club.


  • The club provides a platform to the students to learn about the constitution of the nation.
  • To sensitize the students of law regarding the various socio-legal issues of the country.
  • To analyse the different laws and public policies, and seek solutions to join the loopholes which are yet not paid much attention.
  • The club activities facilitate to sensitive students about recent happening through research, debate, discussion sessions, poster making, and through various competition.


Students will have inspiration to get know about the constitution of India It will generate responsible engineers, and hence to help the upliftment of the society.

Activities Under Constitution Club’

Constitutional Awareness Competition
Seminars for Constitutional Awareness
Technology/ Engineering  based workshop program
Inspiring Lecture series from government officials


Patron : Rev. Fr. Dr. M. Maria William (Correspondent, SXCCE)
Chief Advisor : Dr. J. Maheshwaran (Principal, SXCCE)
Faculty Advisor : Dr. M. Babima (Asst.Prof, Dept of MBA, SXCCE)

Student Executive Members :

Secretory : Ms. Ashmi Aafrin M. (IV CSE-B)
Joint Secretory : Ms. Lekshmi (III CSE-B)
Treasurer : Ms. Flincy Raj (I MBA-A)

Office Bearers-

  1. Pream Kumar : I MCA
  2. Rahul M.V. : II MCA
  3. Bharath: II IT
  4. Shibin Sam A : II IT
  5. Abishek J : IV Civil
  6. Mohamed Yaazir.S. : II CSE B
  7. Jershom  : II CSE B
  8. Jerlin : III CSE B
  9. Sherjin C.K : III ECE B
  10. Ancillin Princy : III ECE A

Duration of the committee members

Faculty Advisor : 3 years
Student Executive Members : 1 year

Duties and responsibilities of the Constitutional Club:

  • To make students aware of laws of constitution
  • Make them to involve more in Constitutional activities
  • Make students uphold the sovereignty and integrity of India
  • Teach them constitutional values
  • Promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty