List of various teaching methods and pedagogical initiatives



Name of the staff Course name Sem/


Topic Instruction Methods and Pedagogical Initiatives
1. P. Antony Vimal Mechanics of solids III/ II Basics of stress and strain, S.F.D and B.M.D NPTEL assignment questions
2. M. Joseph David Selvan Surveying II III/II GPS, working principle of Total station, sounding Quiz & Videos
celestial sphere Model of celestial sphere
3. M. Joseph David Selvan Structural Analysis -I V/ III Analysis of continuous beam Application oriented assignment manually as well as using software
4. Dr. I.JessyMol Applied Hydraulic Engg. IV/II Turbines & Pump,Whole syllabus,Hydraulic Jump Demonstration in the lab,Quiz, Video Presentation
5. Dr. I.JessyMol Environmental Engineering IV/II Water Quality Analyse, Whole syllabus, Water treatment process Demonstration in the lab,Quiz, Video Presentation
6. M. Galesh Design of Steel Structure VI/III Cpmponents of steel structures,Types of steel Structures,Design Consideration & Load Calculation Structural Lab Visit,Video presentation, Quiz
7. M.Galesh Ground Improvement Techniques VII/IV Dynamic consideration, Dewatering consolidation Video Presentation,Quiz
8. S.Frank Stephen Surveying III/II GPS,Photogrametric  Survey,Astronomical survey Group discussion,Quiz, models.
9. S. Frank Stephen Soil Mechanics IV/II Shear test & Permeability test  

Demonstration in the lab

10. D. Smiline Shiny Estimation& Quantity Surveying VII/IV Estimate of Residential Building,  Types of Lintels, Culverts Mini Project, Visual Image Presentation
11. D. Smiline Shiny Ground Improvement Techniques VII/IV Soil Nailing, vibro-flotation, Dewatering Techniques. Video presentation
12. M. Inigo Valan Fluid Mechanics III/II U-Tube manometer, venturimeter Lab Practical Class
13. M. Inigo Valan Enviromental Engineering-II VI/III Drinking water treatment processes Course related visit
14. Dr. S. Carmal Jawahar Water Resources & Irrigation Engineering VII/IV Effect of Global Warming, Improving Water Resources Seminar, Group Discussion, Survey,

Software application

15. Dr. S. Carmal Jawahar Hydrology VI/III Ground water improving Techniques
16. J.  Jeya Suren Raj Engineering Geology III/II Different Types of Rocks Group discussion, Quiz
17. Principles of management VIII/


Controlling Group discussion
18. John Paul. F Foundation Engineering V/III Soil Characteristics & Foundation Field Study & Models
19. M. Joseph David Selvan Concrete technology IV/II Non-destructive testing


Demonstration in the lab- Experimental testing using modern equipment.


20. L. Porcia Water supply engineering V/III water quality testing Demonstration in the lab
21. L. Porcia Highway engineering V/III Tests on bitumen Demonstration in the lab
22. S. Shiela Balanta Structural dynamics and earthquake engineering VII/


Engineering seismology Video presentation.


23. Dr. J. Jerlin Regin Prestressed concrete structure VII/IV Prestressing methods& prestressed concrete pole Video presentation & Industrial visit


24. E. Lourdu Amalan Pavement engineering VII/


CBR testing Demonstration in the lab.