Report 2020-2021

The Youth Red Cross is the most important constituent of its mother organization, Indian Red Cross. It is a group movement organized for student in Colleges and Technical institutions.


We started the activities for the year 2020-2021 with an installation meeting on 19-10-2020 in the presence of Correspondent, Principal and Youth Red Cross Programme officer. The student office bearers are Gokul.M-Chairman,Vinitus V.M-Vice chairman, W.P.Bency Theras-Secretary, Shalin.A-Joint secretary , Reshma Priya.K, Third year EEE-Treasurer and Executive Members are Sahaya Akshara Jekcy.D, Jinu mol.M, Nadar Dinesh Thiraviam.

Independence Day

Independence Day was celebrated in our college premises on 15th August, 2020. Our Correspondent Rev.Fr.Dr.M.Maria William hoisted the National Flag. Our Principal Dr.J.Maheswaran gave a special address on that occasion

Republic Day

Republic Day was celebrated in our college premises on 26th January, 2021. Our Correspondent Rev.Fr.Dr.M.Maria William hoisted the National Flag. Our Principal Dr.J.Maheswaran gave a special address on that occasion.

Vote Awareness program

As the Assembly elections are nearing, YRC of St. Xavier’s catholic college of Engineering has organized an awareness rally on “The importance and rights of voting” to the public in the area of Chunkankadai on 20-03-2021. More than 200 YRC Student members have participated in the rally. During the event, the welcome address was given by J.Leon Bosco Raj, YRC Program coordinator. The rally was inaugurated by Dr. J.Maheswaran, Pricipal, St. Xavier’s catholic college of Engineering. During his talk, he appealed the students to vote themselves in the upcoming assembly election, and also ensure that their parents and all family members exercise their franchise. Refreshments were provided to the participants and volunteers. An YRC volunteer has actively participated in the rally by raising slogans on the rights and importance of casting individuals vote for selecting their representatives.

Organ donation Awareness

In order to create awareness among the students regarding organ donation, a half day virtual webinar on” Organ donation awareness” was conducted on 30-03-2021. Dr.T.Kingston Xavier M.B.B.S, General Practitioner, ESI Hospital, Karungal has been consented as the resource person for the day. Mr. M. Gokul has welcomed the gathering with his welcome address. Followed by the welcome address Dr.T.Kingston Xavier has presented his thoughts on organ donation. During his presentation he emphasized the need for organ donation and current scenario in the country related to organ failure and its shortage.  He invited student volunteers to donate their organs through government organizations now that could benefit others after their death. He also highlighted that, even after our death one could help the society by organ donation. The event came to an end by the vote of thanks by Ms. K. Reshma Priya, III year EEE. 45 participants have participated in this event and have gained the overall background of organ donation.